Latest travel comfort service in town! Book for a travel trip and get picked-up from your home to your home destination. Welcome to comfort zone of Executive Transport Service. No more racing to the park/garage to catch up with your bus. We got you covered – We’ll pick you up from your home and take you down to your home in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Uyo and other available destinations

Do you own a car and wish to make money with it? Register as a X-Driver with X-Transporter and start earning money by making travel trips to your desired destinations at your desired date and time. Best suited for Uber and Bolt drivers. However, other drivers are welcome onboard.




  • Register on our portal as a X-Driver
  • Create your X-Driver profile
  • Activate profile (make payment for verification processes)
  • Check-in for travel trips/charter
  • Receive order/travel manifest
  • Contact/Pickup client(s) from specified locations
  • Receive settlement from X-Transporter
  • Proceed on the trip


  • You book a trip via the app or website
  • After order confirmation, travel details/itinerary and driver profile is sent to you via email. 
  • You have the option to pay at pick-up point or online during booking (recommended). DO NOT pay to drivers at pick-up point. All payments are made to X-Transporter Account or using the online POS
  • Driver arrives at pick-up point by the scheduled pick-up/departure time
  • You verify driver details with the driver
  • You board and depart
  • Your drop-off point depends on your booking option

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