About us

X-Transporter is a brand name and subsidiary of Rushdah Innovative Resources, which is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

X-Transporter is in the business of coordinating transporter pickup service by car owners who are willing to earn a living with their cars – turning their cars into an asset.

With innovations to improve the travel experience of passengers travelling from state to state, we utilize technology to allow our clients book for a trip from the comfort of their homes, get them picked up from their preferred locations to their drop-off location at their travel destinations. Unlike the popular Bolt and Uber that offers pickup and drop-off service within cities and metropolis, we render inter-state travel trips with 3 passengers per trip.

We carefully select our drivers who are skilled and experienced in distant journey with strict adherence to traffic rules and safe driving to ensure the safety of our clients.

We operate online, giving that flexibility of convenience for clients to enjoy our hitch free services anytime, anyday, anywhere.