Driver Contract Terms

As a driver with X-Transporter, you agree to the following terms:

Registration Process

  • Drivers’ vehicle must meet the minimum requirement for profile activation to be successful. 
  • Requirement for profile activation includes the following:
    • Valid Driver’s License.
    • Valid/up-to-date Vehicle License.
    • Vehicle must be 2005 model and above.
    • Vehicle must be sound and clean without dent.
    • Air Conditioner (A/C) must be functional.
    • Driver must be an experienced road traveller (inter-state).
    • Valid Proof of residential address such as utility bill, which must not be more than 3 months validity.
    • Provision of clear images of vehicle and video with driver in the video. Images/Video must capture registration plate number.

Payment and commission

  • Drivers are prohibited from collecting money from clients. All trip payments from clients are to be made directly to X-Transporter bank account in such cases where clients are to pay at pick-up points.
  • Drivers’ Commission to X-Transporter per client on each trip is 20% of the trip price, plus, Three Thousand Naira (₦3,000) on first ride. The additional ₦3,000 is charged once for vehicle inspections and registration fee. The said 20% commission and the one-time fee shall be deducted at source.
  • Drivers shall get their 80% settlements paid into their bank accounts almost immediately, before or during the commencement of the trip. However, delays could be due to X-Drivers’ receiving bank.

The Trip

  • Drivers must check-in for every given trip from the X-Driver menu. Check-in must be made 48 hours to the intended trip for publishing on our platform.
  • When clients have booked for a trip, their booking details shall be sent to drivers on selected routes.
  • Driver’s profile link and details is sent to client after booking to view and know their driver with the expected vehicle for the trip.
  • Drivers are to call the clients to confirm their pick-up locations. Client are also encouraged to call drivers after their bookings. 
  • Drivers shall ensure they have enough fuel in their vehicles to begin a trip before settlement arrive.
  • For clients that will pay at pick-up points, drivers shall ensure they make payment to X-Transporter before commencement of such trip. Clients shall show evidence of payment to the driver (debit alert, transaction receipt etc.), and such payment shall be verified by X-Transporter before commencement of trip.
  • There shall be no more than 3 passengers in a saloon car for any trip – 1 in front and 2 behind.
  • Other vehicles other than saloon cars such as Sianna, Wargons and Hais bus are allowed for only charter services.  However, only saloon car are allowed for pre-defined trips.

Driver's Conduct and Complaints

  • X-Transporter shall at all time get feedback from clients. Should there be complaints or negative reports about an X-Driver for which a credible evidence is provided, such driver shall be penalized or sanctioned as the case maybe. 
  • Should an X-Driver’s vehicle not met up client’s expectation, such as no working A/C, unclean and uncomfortable vehicle as may be reported by clients, such X-Driver’s account/profile shall be indefinitely suspended on our systems from getting trips.


  • X-Transporter is not a transport company with fleets. We (X-Transporter) are an ICT firm coordinating easy transport services, utilizing technology and available car owners who wishes to earn money with their private cars. 
  • X-Transporter shall not be liable or responsible or take responsibility for damages, loses or any other ill fated events caused as a result of a driver’s action or in the course of the trip.

Security and Safety

  • In the event of security breaches or concern against clients, X-Transporter shall utilize Driver’s details for tracking/and reporting to security agencies for investigation and prosecution.
  • Drivers should be vigilant of the areas, timings and conditions of the areas they go for pick-up or drop-off. If you feel uncomfortable to pick-up a client from any place owing to security concern, kindly ask the client concern to meet you up at a point/place convenient for both of you.
  • Drivers shall ensure the safety of himself/herself first by any means possible, then the safety of the client on the highway.
  • X-Transporter, shall monitor every trip via collaborating ISPs using telephone signals in case of any eventuality.
  • Safety first. Drivers should ensure they have good spare tires, jacks, fire extinguishers, Triangle and water. 
  • The use of seat-belt for driver and clients is mandatory.